DermaSteamer Hydrating Sprayer

DermaSteamer Hydrating Sprayer

DermaSteamer Hydrating Sprayer

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Hydrated Skin Is A Happy Skin

The DermaSteamer handy face mist sprayer can remove dirt, oil and the other impurities or the leftovers of makeup. Refreshing skin and relieving fatigue are also effective. Control oil water balance, make your face looks bright, fresh and with good complexion.

All-around water replenishment, which can be used on face, hands, body, hair etc, reduce fine wrinkles and skin sensitivity.

Using face mask and massage maybe will stimulate the skin after sunburn. Pores open or skin feels painful and itchy. You can spray on face, neck , arms and legs after getting sunburn can fast calm skin, reduce redness and pain.

Moisture test

 Start the moisture detection switch.

✔ Metal probe touches the skin for 3 seconds Device shows the water content after analyzing.

✔ Normal skin moisture ranges from 30% to 99%, Less than 30% need hydration.

✔ Press the switch when the test is completed, Close test.

How to Use



Before putting on makeup: the recommended distance is 9-11cm of the face.

After putting on makeup: the recommended distance is 13-15cm of the face.



Q : How do I knowthat the device is fully charged?

A : When itcharges, the red light blinks.

Q : Can it sprayhot?

A : No it onlyspray cold

Q : How do you charge it?

A :It comes with a usb for charging

Q : Can you put hot water in it?

A : Yes, but it comes out coolmist, it’s refreshing.



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